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Money Transfer

Send and receive money safely and fast in a reliable way through any of the Chemmanur Credits branches. Chemmanur Credits gives you choice and convenience, so you can send and receive money that’s convenient for you.

Quick, Convenient, Availability and Easy are our features. Customers can receive money from worldwide in highly secure manner.

  • Fast and Easy Money Transfer
  • No hidden service charges
  • Withdrawal can be done in cash for below Rs.50,000 transactions
  • RBI regulatory Money Transfer services
  • Safe and Secure verified transaction
  • Cost Effective
  • SMS notification


Money Transfer

We have various Money transfer services are available with our branches such as Western Union, Express Money, Transfast, Xpay & EzRemit etc.

Please visit your nearest branch of Chemmanur Credits and Investments Ltd to get Money Transfer services.

  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Availability
  • Easy

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