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Micro Finance Loan

Microfinance (Microcredit) is provided to unemployed or low-income group of individuals, who otherwise have limited financial resources or would not have access with traditional financial institutions.



The objectives of Microfinance lending broadly grouped as:


  1. To promote social and economic development among weaker sections of the economy.
  2. To strengthen self-help groups and use them as a tool towards economic development.
  3. To promote women empowerment, financial liberation of women and support women entrepreneurs.




CCIL has been extending Microfinance loans to women from the economically challenged sections of the society. These loans will aid poor women in carrying out income generating activities resulting in the improvement of their social conditions. CCIL has a vision of alleviating poverty by offering Microfinance services to women, which consequently will be passed on to their families. The company also aims to facilitate improved earnings, enhanced quality of life, and better management of finances.



As a Methodology of extending Microfinance loans to Joint Liability Groups, Company makes it sure that the policy and procedures laid down for Microfinance lending is being followed invariably in all its activities and business with members. The process of providing loans initiated by an orientation meeting structured at member destination places where women are briefed on group gatherings, loan disbursement process and procedures. Going forward women are asked to form groups of five members of their choice and 5 to 6 such groups form a Center. The Company does not intrude in the selection of group members, decision regarding the income generation activity or the loan amount they intend to avail.


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