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Micro Finance Loan

Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited provide Micro Finance loans to the low income and backward segments of society. We give women priority while giving Micro Finance loans and over – women customers availed our services. The Micro Finance loans are provided to the socially and economically challenged customers with very minimal procedures.There is any type of collateral deposit not taken to provide Microfinance loans and only need Joint Group Liability.

  • Depending on the customer’s credit score, loan eligibility amount is calculated
  •  Minimum procedures for Micro Finance Loan sanction
  • Customer can repay the principle and interest amount on weekly basis
  • Weekly installments are collected from the customer’s door step
  • Part payment option is also available with Micro Finance


Micro Finance Loan

Please visit our nearest Chemmanur Credits Branch to get information about Micro Finance Loan

  • Free Credit bureau score checking
  • Minimum documentation
  • Easy procedures
  • Weekly installment schemes
  • Part payment facility is available


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