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Gold Loan

Pledge your Gold Ornaments or Jewellery and avail the Highest Amount per gram of Gold. Depending on the net weight and purity of the gold, cash will be disbursed quickly. Gold loans are the easiest way to mobilize the money during the critical emergency financial situations. To fulfill your needs, Chemmanur Gold loan provides the best service to the customers with minimum documentation. Gold loans are the secured loans that customer can return their gold after the tenure by paying the principle and interest amount.


How does Gold Loan work?

Customer needs to bring their gold Ornaments or Jewellery to one of Chemmanur Branch to get the gold loan. After evaluating the purity of the gold, maximum amount per gram gold is calculated and informed to the customer. After customer confirmation, Gold Loan is sanctioned by accepting the gold of the customer as pledge.


Who is eligible for Gold Loan?

Gold loans ca ne availed by any Indian resident with proper KYC documents. Any person who is having gold can get the Gold Loan. The Gold Loan is eligible for all categories of personals such as salaried professionals, business men, government officers, shop owners, farmer, house wife etc.


What are the minimum requirements for Gold Loan?

Gold loan requires minimum documentation in which customer KYC details are submitted at the time of Gold Loan. These KYC details includes, A certified copy of Passport, Driving License,  Aadhar card  or Voters ID can be used. Customer photo and Customer signature are also taken during the pledging.


What is Gold Lone tenure?

Gold loan tenure varies from 3 months to 1 year. Various Gold Loan schemes are available with Chemmanur to get the maximum value for gold to the customers. Customers need to repay the Gold Loan on time depending on the tenure of the loan.


How can the Gold Loan be repaid?

Depending on the tenure of the Gold Loan, customer can repay the interest payment for their Gold Loan. Mostly customers pay their interest payments on monthly basis and principle amount was paid at the end of loan tenure.



We have various schemes that will suit for your needs. Customers can choose the gold loan schemes and avail maximum amount of money with fully transparent procedures. Please visit your nearest branch of Chemmanur Credits and Investments Ltd to avail Gold Loan.

  • Customers get Instant Money with maximum value for their gold
  • Gold loan can be taken by choosing attractive Chemmanur Gold Loan Schemes
  • Minimum Documentation for gold loan
  • Better customer service that Ensure Customers to Save Their Time
  • We provide secured gold loan with no hidden charges
  • Part Payment Facility is available with no charges to reduce overall interest cost

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