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Function 24/7

For the first time in the world, a gold loan firm that functions for 24 hours at Thrissur called Chemmanur Credits Thrissur Town Branch.

This Chemmanur Branch offers all NBFC services whenever required and for urgent financial needs, people visits to avail the services. All NBFCs are working in fixed times and their services are limited till the branch closes. In this context, Chemmanur provides seamless services without any limitations. Customer can get the money during night hours where banks or other financial services are non-operational.

  • 24/7 Service for Gold Loan, Money transfer services
  • All services are provided without any delay during night hours
  • Customer will get instant money 24/7 basis.


Please visit our Chemmanur Credits Thrissur Town Branch to get instant money on 24/7 basis.


For more details, Please Call 0487 3041223 or 889 1126 925

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