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About Chemmanur

Chemmanur Credits and Investments Ltd. is bound by the guiding principles of Honesty, Sincerity, Confidence and is constantly evolving with innovative and progressive products and services.


We provide a wide range of financial services to grow and protect your wealth in the most efficient way possible.


Pledge your Gold Ornaments or Jewellery and avail the Highest Amount per gram of Gold.

Micro Finance Loan

Chemmanur Credits and Investments Limited provide Micro Finance loans to the low income and backward segments of society.

Business Loan(Gramin Shakthi Loans)

Business loan helps the individuals to mitigate their difficulty in meeting business requirements or to raise working capital funds.

Function 24/7

For the first time in the world, a gold loan firm that functions for 24 hours at Thrissur called Chemmanur Credits Thrissur Town Branch.

Money Transfer

Send and receive money Safely and fastly in a reliable way through any of the Chemmanur branches.

Our Chairman’s Message

“Conquer the World with Love” is my Message to All : By Dr.Boby Chemmanur. Chemmanur Credits and Investments have entered into the NBFC financial sector on 2011, headquartered at Thrissur. NBFCs have critical role in the financial sector for ensuring the cash flow in the market. We offer Gold Loan, Micro Finance, Business Loan and Money Transfer services through the Chemmanur Credits branches of Kerala ,Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

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ലളിതമായ തവണ വ്യവസ്ഥകളിലൂടെ ഗോൾഡ് ലോൺ, മൈക്രോ ഫിനാൻസ്, ബിസിനസ്സ് ലോൺ, മണി ട്രാൻസ്ഫർ സേവനങ്ങൾ ലഭ്യമാണ്.

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